Mooring & Anchoring

Mooring lines, the unsung heroes of your vessel. A well-sized and strategically placed set acts as the silent guardians, ensuring your pride and joy remains safe and sound for years to come. At Savvy Sailor Rigging, we specialize in crafting bespoke mooring solutions—simple, elegant, and, above all, robust.

As Guernsey's leading supplier of Marlow Ropes, we believe in nothing but the best. Whether it's traditional 3-strand, stretchy octoplait, or modern double-braided dockline, we supply and splice it all. But it's not just about the ropes; it's about what you do with them. We offer a range of chafe protection options, from tubular webbing to braided dyneema, ensuring your lines withstand the tests of time and tide.

Pair this with expertly crafted eye splices, stainless steel thimbles, and, in some cases, chain—rest assured, your boat will stay exactly where you left it.

Lets not forget about Anchoring, anchor cable is a lifeline. Typically consisting of both chain and rope, the join or splice between them is paramount. At Savvy Sailor Rigging, we understand the nuances. Depending on the rope and the presence of a windlass, we expertly deploy short or long chain splices, ensuring your anchor setup is secure.

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